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Zip Adapter

  • IMPORTANT before buying:
    BellyFit required to use Zip Adaper. Not usable on its own. BellyFit sold separately.
    To find out which Zip Adapter your jacket might need, please use the "Which Adaptor?" selector by clicking here.
    1. Optional accessory for BellyFit.
    2. Use when the BellyFit doesn’t zip directly onto your jacket.
    3. Zip Adapters are black, low profile.
    4. Wide range available for the most popular types of jackets.
    5. Standard length is 70cm (27") suitable for jacket lengths of 60cm - 80cm (24" –31.9").
    6. Long-jacket adapter available for certain jackets from 32" up to 94cm (37").
    7. Made in Canada.
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit (sold separately) is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

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Nice product, too expensive

The extension is nice, but the price is too high. For about the same money you can buy an inexpensive winter jacket - so is this extension as difficult to make as a full size piece of winterwear? I highly doubt.

Love it!

Absolutely great product and incredibly friendly customer service. We’re using the universal extender and an additional zip adapter for baby carrying! Would highly recommend for anybody in cold weather who likes their jacket!

Best customer service EVERRRRR

I had purchased one for my first pregnancy, but it got lost in a move. So I purchased a new one, since I loved it so much the first time. What I didn’t realize, was how many different zippers there are. Anyhow, I purchased the wrong adapter. When I went into a store, to get fitted for the proper adapter, i was told there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to get one for my specific coat. I was completely deflated. Then, I received the most wonderful email, telling me they could ship the right one out, right away. So I did! It came so fast!! And even included a return envelope for the wrong item!! BEST COMPANY EVER!!! Would highly recommend. And call/email customer service if you are unsure of your zipper 😊

Help on adding on to zipper on new vest

Works like a dream very please and easy to use .


Zip Adapter