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2nd Quality - Black BellyFit - 2018_2019

IMPORTANT before buying: 
Your jacket might require a Zip Adapter to use the BellyFit.
To find out if you need a Zip Adapter, please use the "Which Adaptor?" selector by clicking here. 
  • 2018_2019 Model.
  • Black 2nd Quality BellyFit 
  • 2nd Quality - These BellyFit have slight imperfections such as the snaps not aligning perfectly or very minor cosmetic blemishes. For maternity, when snaps don't align, you may have more material on one side than the other. For baby-carrying, the position of the snaps will not affect the use of the BellyFit.
  • The BellyFit is a zip-in softshell extender that expands the front of your own jacket during pregnancy. No need to buy a maternity jacket or borrow a XXXL. Feel good in your own jacket!
  • While baby-carrying with a soft front-carrier or sling, the Bellyfit extends your jacket around you and your baby, for close comfort and warmth while outdoors.
  • Wind, rain and snow resistant, ready for fall, winter and spring.
  • "Snaperoo" adjustable elastic that can be snapped anywhere on the BellyFit for a more custom fit.
  • Optional snap-on fleece panel for an extra layer of warmth (NOT INCLUDED)
  • 27" (70cm) long, one-size fits most.
  • Designed and lovingly made in Canada.
  • Made from buttery-soft Softshell for comfortable protection against the elements.
  • Plastic snaps at the top of the BellyFit allow for easier folding down and securing in place on shorter jackets and while baby-carrying.
  • Plastic snap at the bottom of the BellyFit for even better adjustments. 

SAFETY! Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 


    Customer Reviews

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    I can’t even tell this was a second quality item. I can use it on my winter coat to go walking with my child in the winter without the stroller! Very happy with my purchase. Would highly recommend


    Absolutely love this jacket extender worth every penny! I can actually fit comfortably in my winter jacket!

    Tiny belly?

    Hello I received the 70+$ piece of fabric that is supposed to go on my jacket. The good news is it does zip up to my north face parka according to the test I followed (even though it is much shorter I got medium). The bad news is I am a thin woman with a medium jacket only at 12 weeks with a small belly and it barely fits me now!!! I can't humanly imagine what kind of woman and belly will fit into the jacket since it is only extended a tiny amount thanks to that product. How can it ever fit a giant 9 month pregnant belly? I expected some hidden elastic or possibility to extend the fabric but nothing! Even more weird the bigged portion of the fabric goes up not down! Are we supposed to have out bellys on our breasts? Oh yeah sure its about to carry your baby, well no sorry I bought this for my pregnancy belly not as a child carrier. This is ridiculous design and I cannot understand how come no woman has complained about it before unless the comments were deleted.
    Thank you for making me 70 dollars on a piece of tiny fabric with two zippers.

    Hi! Sorry to hear your frustration. We can assure that you that we don't delete review comments and try to keep everything as honest as possible. If there is a chance for us to help the customer first, we try to do this and in most cases we are able to keep our customers happy :). We will send you an email and try our best help :).
    Best purchase

    I absolutely love my make my belly fit extension to protect my newborn when I go outside. What a great product.It's versatile, I can wear it with many jackets and Dad can do it too!!!

    Jacket extender

    I ordered the 2nd quality belly fit and I cannot even tell what is wrong with it! It fits my coat great and I am quite happy with it. My only complaint is that it feels like there is a lot of fabric up at the top near my face, but I folded it under and have mostly gotten used to it. Overall a great product!