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Commentaires sur les produits de nos merveilleux clientes - extensions de manteau, housse de portage et skis pour poussette.

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Universal Jacket Extender
Rachel Leadbeater

Really simple to install and keeps my baby toasty now the evenings are getting colder.

Great Solution for Snowy Sidewalks

These were a great solution to push our stroller down slushy, snowy sidewalks. I was even able to get over the snowbanks created by the snowplow (10" high, 20" long). My suggestion would be to NOT lock your stroller wheels to allow you to pivot the front up upward to get over obstacles.

Only gave 4 stars because the skis do not slide well over wet pavement. It must be at least a little bit snowy or icy for these to work in this sense.

Also, the straps do not attach to the skis, so when the skis are off the stroller, the straps can be easily lost.

Overall impressed with the performance from these. Would buy again.

Love the extender…but needs more accesible instructions!

I love the extender and keep telling people that it is one of the best investments I’ve made during my pregnancy! However, I wish that the instructions were more accessible. The instructions that came with the extender were not clear and I almost gave up installation in frustration. It was also annoying to have to search through the FAQ to find the video instructions. I think it would be super helpful to have the instructions in one and clearly marked on the website, and to clearly identify that link on the instructions that come with the extender. Once I found the instructions on the website installation was a breeze, but do really wish they were easier to find!

Thank you for this feedback :). We hear you. We've recently updated our How-To videos, made them more accessible with direct access on the product page under a How-to Tab and now easier to find in the FAQ.

Nice option

This adapter is a nice option to have especially when you don't have a lot of closet space or want to buy yet another bulky item. I've gotten compliments that you can't even tell it isn't part of my original jacket event though it's a different color. Only downside is it takes a bit of time to switch it from jacket to jacket so I only end up wearing it with one jacket. So weigh your options f you have room in your closet and only want one jacket then I would just get a maternity jacket. If you want options and also don't have a ton of space then this is a great option. The zipper stoppers are a must and if you don't put them on with your jacket it will slide down. Customer service was extremely responsive and helpful to offer to send me more so I don't have this issue anymore.

BabyCover - Carrier-Cover
Anushree Prakash
Baby-carrier cover

Great cover that fits any jacket and also keeps mummy/daddy warm at the same time. Great in functionality Over many others I looked up. Only drawback is that baby’s neck and shoulder are exposed and have to have something separate to make sure he is not cold. Other than that it’s a great cover and we are getting good use out of it.

So Worth It

I got this instead of buying a winter coat for pregnancy/baby wearing. I love that there’s 2 parts- I’m 6 months and just needed the couple extra inches but love knowing I can add the extra part when I am bigger/when I will be wearing baby. So easy and quick to attach to zippers and I love that I can still wear all my original coats with each season. Way cheaper than buying a new coat!

Universal Adapter
Sabrina Stepanis
Great alternative

For perfect on my current winter coat. So much better then going out and spending $300 on a larger winter jacket

Great concept, wish the zipper was smoother

Great concept for making non-maternity coats work throughout your pregnancy and baby wearing days. Wish that the zippers on the extender itself worked better (they're tough to get connected) and that the instructions included in the packaging made any sense (they don't, but the video on the website is very clear). Glad I can now be warm in my third trimester!

Sherpa Layer
Alyssa Fehr
Warm extra layer

I had bought a used jacket extender, but it did not have either liner nor Sherpa layer. I haven’t had to use the jacket outside yet-but it’s going to be perfect to keep my tummy warm and then will still have plenty of room for baby carrying after-while being nice and warm.

Universal Jacket Extender

Overall a solid product

Great concept and love the different options of the product to help you at different stages of the pregnancy (and after baby is born). Video was much more helpful than instruction card to get it set up on your jacket (not difficult but needed some guidance in the beginning). Good quality material. Find the price quite expensive though. Delivery was quick. Overall happy with product and like that it was made in Canada

Love it!

Absolutely love being able to keep my own jacket. Super simple to put on. It slips a bit even with the added clip, but overall it’s amazing. Looking forward to using it on my winter jacket and spring jacket.

Excellent Customer Service

Prior to purchase, I filled out the quiz to best determine which jacket extender might be best for me. Unfortunately, I got a little confused when installing it because I thought that the wider portion was designed to go over the belly during pregnancy. (It isn’t.)

When I got in touch to seek support, the director, Ben, took the time to answer all of my questions and patiently help me with troubleshooting until all issues were resolved.

My husband and I are very pleased with our purchase. My experience suggests that this is a great company, providing customers with great products. :-)

Excellent - exactly what I needed.

Using this extender saved me from purchasing an expensive maternity jacket that I might only ever use for one season. The extender & adapter work great, highly recommended! Shipped & arrived quickly.

Great in theory but didn’t work

When I initially got my extender I loved it and was prepared to give it a 5 star review. But then it became evident that the fastener didn’t work and the extender would constantly be sliding off one side of my coat. It fell off complete once when I was holding my coat in a mall but luckily my husband noticed. Sadly it happened again and this time I didn’t notice it had completely fallen off until I got home. The extender is now lost. I’m very disappointed as I had high hopes for this product and am now stuck without an option for my winter coat at 8 months pregnant

We've reached out to help you :)

Pretty good but not adjustable enough

I feel like my belly is well-covered and the slides feel secure, but it gaps a lot in my chest. I need more parts of it with the adjusting snaps!

Wow, fantastic belly expander!

I love my winter coats as they were carefully picked to withstand the weather where I live. Unfortunately, my pregnant belly was starting to pull at the coats and I needed an expander. I looked at different options (maternity coats, etc.) but they weren’t as warm as what I needed. I’m so happy to buy the Universal Jacket Extender. It fit my coats perfectly, and the additional sherpa lining (I paid extra for it) kept my belly warm.

Better than buying a new winter jacket

The quality and material of the extender is great. It zips easily onto my Canada Goose parka. The video on YouTube helped with the instructions. My only complaint is that the snap buttons snap open too easily. Just a simple movement of the arms or change in position from standing to sitting will undo all the snap buttons in one go. A little bit pricey for what it is, but way better than buying a new winter jacket.

Great purchase!

I knew that my second and third trimester would be during the fall/winter months and with my winter jacket still being in a very good condition, I didn’t want to buy a new one.

The universal extender is an amazing solution for anyone that wish to keep their jacket or find a more affordable option for the cold season! It took less than 10 min to put it together. I strongly recommend it!

I would also like to mention that the customer service is wonderful! I wasn’t sure if this extender was compatible with my jacket. After answering a few simply questions on the website, I was contacted by Ben from customer service with all my questions answered! I received my order within 2 days!

After the first contact with Ben, I found "similar" products produced in Austria and Germany (where I live). Still, I sticked with Belly fit because of his kind and complete answers to my questions, including a suggestion more appropriate to my needs, despite of being an option less profitable to him. Perfect customer service and care, no words for that! As important: the jacket extension fits perfectly, is impressively well made, water proof and is keeping my baby and I warm with no need for bulky clothes.

They won my fidelity and recommendations to friends.

PremierSki - Stroller Skis
Suzanne Glanfield
Stroller Skis

The skis look great..but I have not put them on my stroller yet.
I'm planning to do it sometime in the next day or two.
Just trying to find a friend to help me with
Check in with me next weekend I will let you know.

PremierSki - Stroller Skis
Lise-Anne Dorval
Ski pour poussette

Wowww!!! Je m'attendais pas à une telle qualité. Les patins sont vraiment plus large et léger que ce que j'avais imaginé. Merveilleux je suis vraiment satisfaite, reste plus qu'à les essayer dans la neige 😁

Zip Adapter
Dominique Compaan
Perfect zip adapter!

Works like a charm and excellent service!

Warmth Layer
Shannon R
Happy to be warm!

I really love my MakeMyBellyFit insert and warmth layer. Definitely glad I bought it to help combat the Canadian Winter. If i had to give any feedback it would be to have a couple of sizes of inserts because I don't think my belly is going to fit all the way until baby arrives...

Great product, great service

I emailed the company to ask a question about comparability and got an almost instant reply that gave me the info I needed. Product arrived super fast and exceeded expectations! Such a smart design and well crafted.