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Commentaires sur les produits de nos merveilleux clientes - extensions de manteau, housse de portage et skis pour poussette.

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Universal Jacket Extender
Deirdre stegman

It fits well and will be great as the weather gets colder

Worth the buy!

Love it! Can foresee it being used as soon as the cold weather hits!
Just make sure you read the instructions before using. The videos were super helpful!

Thank you Olivia :).

Super happy with my jacket extender!

I’m super happy with this purchase! Very glad I get to keep using my beloved jacket and not have to get a new one for such a short amount of time. I received great support from Ben who confirmed my jacket's zip was compatible with the extender, and after ordering received my order within 3 working days. Fantastic experience from start to finish, and I highly recommend the product itself. The quality and finish are of high standard. Thanks!

I bought these to put on the wheels of a small cart to transport feedstuffs to horses across snow and mud. So far they appear to function well for my use of them. I would not expect these to last more than through one winter being used consistently. These are not what I would consider "substantial" for baby strollers or my use, however, they are getting the job done.

Thank you for the review Gerry :)

This might be a first for your application in using it with a cart for feedstuff. If ever you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out, especially for the warranty or wear'n'tear. We'd be interested to know how well the skis last for you.

All the best and thank you again for buying with us!

I love these!

I bought these to use while Ice Fishing in Maine. They worked great on my Graco stroller and on my Britax stroller. We were able to take walks across the frozen lake and in the deep snow. They are very easy to put on and take off, no metal parts that will rust like some others I looked at.

Great product

I love being able to extend my jacket. The zipper takes a few days to get broken in to work easily, but that’s to be expected. It has extra material at the top to fit a baby’s head after birth, which is easily managed with the snap. My only issue is it pushes the material towards my neck/throat and triggers my gag reflex.

Extender does not fit light weight coat

I bought the extender as a gift for my daughter. Unfortunately it does not fit in her lighter winter coat. She is able to use it in her heavier coat but she gets so hot in that jacket. It would have been better if it could fit the lighter coat.
Thank you.

PremierSki - Stroller Skis
Rachel Normandin
Really love it !

I love how it works. Now you need to be realistic base on your environ. I am in Montréal, this mean i can use them in the morning to let the baby at kidengarden and the evening to take them off. Also it's not about go take the baby in the city and then stop by at the pharmacie, it won't work. If you understand the environnement you are in and the usage and limitation it have, this is super usefull and fun

Warm and easy to use

Works as advertised. Great product to extend the size of my winter jacket.

Non recommandé en ville

Je pensais pouvoir utiliser les skis pour les trottoirs enneigés de la ville, mais le produit n’est pas stable du tout. La façon d’attacher les sangles est très mauvaise car lorsqu’il fait froid, les sangles deviennent super dures et elles se détachent sans arrêt. Les morceaux pour tenir les roues aussi ne sont pas très stables. Ça fonctionne seulement sur de la neige battu en ligne droite. Avoir su, je ne les aurais pas acheté. Assez déçue 😞 Une très bonne idée mais ça doit être retravaillé car le produit ne vaut pas en ce moment.

PremierSki - Stroller Skis
Talk of the Lake

Have had my stroller skiis for 2 years now. 2nd year at a Kite festival and throughout the day every 2 minutes someone would comment or ask about. I was strolling around the snow covered lake with ease and the envy of many. Think I need cards to hand out next year!

Stroller skies

The idea is a great idea however, when we used it for the first time we found it to be slightly heavier when pushing and if we went where there was fresh snow we found the ski kept slipping off the wheel and we had to loosen then tighten the ski again once the wheel was back in. Worked best on snow that had already been trampled on and smoothed out. Unfortunately not what we bought it for.

Premier Ski - Stroller Skis

Amazing purchase!

I can’t believe how well these work! It’s so smooth to push the stroller, even through deep or fluffy snow! I’m finally not stuck inside on snowy days and we’ve even taken the stroller out snowshoeing with us! Excellent product!

Good quality and price

Real good product

PremierSki - Stroller Skis

Works great!

This has saved me from needing to buy new winter jackets during a cold-weather pregnancy. It only takes a minute to switch between coats, and so far works on all my zippers. The material and zipper feel very sturdy, I'm sure I'll be able to use it again or pass it on.

Excellent product!!!!!!

Put these on my dog stroller for my elderly dog so that we can continue our walks in the Rocky Mountain winter. Easy to attach - useful online how-to video. High quality materials. We use on trails that are plowed but still snowy and icy. The skis move easily and make walks super fun! Highly recommended!

Fits perfectly

Perfectly fits an adult transport wheelchair with 8 inch wheels in the front and 12 inch wheels in the back. I have been looking for something for a long time to be able to adapt my handicapped daughter's wheelchair for winter outings. I am very satisfied.

Universal Jacket Extender
Mélodie Leblanc
Ce qu'il me fallait !

J'utilise actuellement les deux adapteurs sans la partie centrale en debut de grossesse. Il me donne exactement ce qu'il me manquait pour fermer mon manteau. En plus, il s'adapte à tous mes manteaux sans avoir à acheter d'adapteurs supplémentaires. J'ai fais le bon choix

Excellent for Canadian winters!

I use the skis on my Graco stroller. They are easy to get on and off and a must have for snow covered paths. I had read previous reviews and agree that the front wheels should be in the locked position for the skis to glide effortlessly. They do not perform as well on pavement (pushing across a slushy street to get to the park trails), but that is easily overlooked when your winter stroll is effortless and enjoyable.
We are constantly stopped by others commenting on how neat the skis are, and we always share where we purchased them from. You will not be disappointed!

Great Product

This has been so helpful. I can rest assured that I can use whatever jacket I want. Transfers from one jacket to another pretty easily (wouldn't want to do it every day, but only takes about 5 minutes)

Does the trick

This allows me to zip up my down jacket over my belly, so it does what it says on the can! So far all I need are the two zipper extender attachments, and plan to save the inner panel for babywearing next winter. My main complaint with it is that the extender slides down my jacket's zipper easily, even with both of the securing clips on both sides of the extender, and I find that I need to adjust it once in a while, or even re-thread the clips onto the zipper when it gets pulled down. I have an Arcteryx Cerium LT. The extender is also just an inch too long for the jacket - it's not quite enough extra length to actually fold over as suggested. I just leave a little tail hanging off the bottom of my jacket. Also, the zipper pull side of my jacket has a little fabric cap on the upper end of the zipper that prevents me from pulling the extender on from the top as suggested - so the zipper pull of my jacket is in my face. Not really the fault of the MMBF, but a bit of a bother that it doesn't work as seamlessly as I hoped.


Thankful for a bump extender that keeps me warm with my favorite jackets. Easy to use and very practical. Definitely better than a maternity jacket.

Used the skis on a walker

Actually they seem to work very well. I was only able to try them out for one day as we haven’t had enough snow yet. I did find that for me, as handicapped,
, it took a while to put them on. I bought another walker so this one could stay outside.