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Commentaires sur les produits de nos merveilleux clientes - extensions de manteau, housse de portage et skis pour poussette.

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Amazing customer service!!!


Can’t believe I didn’t have this for my first pregnancy. No need to squeeze into my old, warm coat! Very clever and totally necessary.

Skis for dog stroller

These skis work beautifully here in Anchorage. I’m able to get my dachshund out even if it is extremely cold.

Sherpa Layer

Only works on ice/compacted hard snow.

Unfortunately these did not live up to my hopes. In fresh snow they are almost useless, it was easier for me to push the stroller in the snow without the skis. They do work on icy/hard compacted snow surfaces like roads and trails but then, even regular stroller wheels would work fine on these surfaces too. I suppose if you frequently walk your stroller on the surfaces mentioned above and wanted to help preserve your stroller wheels, these might be handy but otherwise I wouldn't waste your money.

My wife loves this!

My wife loves this so much, we bought a second one. Such a great solution - I can’t believe I’d never seen this before!

Game changer!

This product was spot on what I needed as my pregnant belly grew and winter weather arrived with a bang. It was so easy to put on my jacket and is very user friendly. I would recommend to anyone!

Melissa Pinet
Une bonne alternative

Bébé de 3 mois 1/2 15 lbs, écharpes extensibles et tissées.

Au départ, je souhaitais acheter un manteau de portage, mais après réflexion, la housse constituait une meilleure alternative puisqu’elle fera pour longtemps, sur différents manteau, à moi et mon conjoint. Nous l’avons utilisée a quelques reprises, l’installation est simple, les matériaux suffisamment isolants pour garder la chaleur en plus d’être confortable pour bébé et le porteur (utilise a (-7/-9)Je l’ai utilisé avec mes écharpes tissées et extensibles. Il faut toutefois prévoir selon la grosseur du bébé, de bien couvrir son cou puisqu’il subsiste un espace entre la housse et le cou. Au fil du temps, je crois que ce sera plus enveloppant.

Bon rapport qualité prix !

Sherpa Layer
Krysta Beaudry
Sherpa Layer isn’t Very Warm

I purchased the extra Sherpa layer, with the intentions of using it alongside the panel for winter baby wearing, and it’s not nearly warm enough. Way too thin. While in theory the panel and sherpa liner together are a great idea, it’s not wearable for weather colder than MAYBE -5 degrees Celsius, even with baby bundled up and me wearing and ankle length down coat. Regretting my purchase and should of put the money spent on the panel and liner towards a real maternity/baby wearing jacket.

Perfect for 4-wheel walker and wheelchair!

I live in Alaska and work with kids with disabilities, and have been searching for a piece of equipment to help my students access the playground with their adaptive equipment (walkers/gait trainers/wheelchairs) in the winter. These skis worked so well with a 4-wheel walker, as well as on the front casters of wheelchairs! I was so happy to see my students accessing the playground independently!

They are easy enough to add to the equipment that it doesn't feel like too much of a hassle putting them on to go outside, and then taking them off to come inside. I have been telling all the PTs I work with about these, as well as recommending them to families. Living in a snowy climate is challenging enough, and then adding a wheelchair or walker in just creates a whole new layer. These are an awesome option for kids/adults who need assistive mobility devices and want to be able to get outside in the winter.

Truly universal

Fits all three of of our very different parkas, so only one Extender is necessary to see me and my son and his partner through a winter of baby carrying.

Super rallonge. Recommandé à 200%

C’est notre deuxième rallonge qu’on achète. Super pour la grossesse car s’adapte à tout les manteaux et parfait pour le portage. Papa, amis, grand parents tout le monde peut nous aider à porter les enfants avec leur propre manteau.

Produits et service exceptionnels!

Je suis enchantée de mon expérience avec Make my belly fit. Non seulement les produits sont d’une grande qualité, mais le service offert par la compagnie est digne de mention. J’avais un pépin avec l’extension de manteau que j’avais achetée (dû à une particularité de mon manteau) et Make my belly fit n’a pas hésité à m’accommoder et ce, en plein coeur du temps des Fêtes. Il s’agit là d’une petite compagnie que je vous encourage vivement à essayer et qui change des multinationales sans âme, sans principes ni valeurs. Bravo et merci pour tout!

Universal Jacket Extender
christine Rogers
So far so good

Have only had it since Christmas, but it does fit my coat and customer is really good.

Love it!

Perfect for baby wearing in my North Face jacket. It's warm enough that baby doesn't need to wear that much underneath the jacket.

Just what I needed !

I needed an extender to baby wear while walking to and from my son’s bus stop in the am / pm as the snow is to much for the stroller. It did the e job and beyond excellent

Fits onto multiple jackets easily. Could be bigger

This readily fits onto both my winter jacket and my spring jacket, which will be great when the weather starts to get warmer! It takes only a couple minutes to swap it onto a new jacket. The central part is on the small side and it only just fits over my 6-month-old in the baby carrier - baby will have outgrown this by late-spring, we expect. It would be good if various sizes were available at first purchase or if a second, wider, panel could be purchased later for when baby is bigger.

Shipping to Germany was fast and efficient, there were no difficulties or unexpected costs.

Sherpa Layer
Avis partagé

Très utile car permet de garder ses vestes d'avant grossesse mais ne s'adapte pas bien à ma veste d'hiver. J'ai dû forcer un peu pour faire passer le 2ème côté. Longueur qui permet de s'adapter aux longues veste mais solution pour les vestes courtes pas vraiment bien. Les accroches ne tiennent pas (sur ma veste) et replier le haut n'est pas agréable. Ca ne me permet plus de fermer ma doudoune jusqu'au dessus...
Donc, utile mais pas aussi idéale que ce que je pensais pour le prix assez élevé.

Sherpa Layer
Hollie McCrea Olson
So soft

I got the Sherpa layer as part of a Black Friday deal and I’m so grateful I did! It’s kept our little one so warm as winter hits. So far the coldest it’s been is 25 but we live in Wisconsin so I’m eager to see how it helps us baby wear throughout the winter.

4 out of 5

Love the concept and the fit. However, I find it moves around more easily than I thought it would.

Fantastic skis!

There is too much snow where I live, the sidewalks aren't cleared off (just packed down by feet), so the stroller ride becomes too bumpy.
These skis have made our walk so much better. It's been really fun to easily glide through.
They were very easy to install as well.
I have no regrets! I can't believe we had never seen these before.

Les skis sont vraiment super, ils permettent une glisse facile sur des chemins pleins de bosses et de troux.
On les adore. En plus, ils sont rapides et faciles a attacher.

As good as expected

The insert is a little bit challenging to attach to the jacket’s zipper, but it worth the effort as it makes a very nice and tight fit, keeps the winter cold outside. My wife was really happy that the black fabric of the extender almost look like part of her black jacket so she feels stylish. :)

Sherpa Layer
Diana Lee
No need for the Sherpa layer

Fleece layer is plenty warm

Universal Jacket Extender

Excellent purchase

The jacket extender is a great product, well designed and well though. It fits all my european winter jackets and the ones from my husband.It is easy to put in place if you follow the instructions. The customer service is also great an quickly answered my questions. I am still pregnant, I am looking forward to try it after birth and see how it woks with the baby!