BabyCover - Carrier-Cover

    1. We've got you covered! A unique feature on the front of this baby-carrier cover, clips that attach to each side of your jacket, provide you and your baby with the ultimate comfort-control and protection in just about any weather in all four seasons:
    2. Cool? Use the cover on its own. Rain? Clip on a rain jacket. Winter? Clip on a warm jacket. Active outdoors and getting hot? Unclip one or both sides of your jacket and let out some heat.
      Your baby is ALWAYS close and ALWAYS protected.
      (Patent Pending)
    1. Works on its own or combine it with ANY jacket.
    2. Works with most baby-carriers including wraps.
    3. Elastic straps attach cover to shoulder straps (SSC) or shoulder material (wraps).
    4. The sides anchor over and cover your baby’s feet.
    5. Fully adjustable from birth for a perfect fit around your baby.
    6. Made from polar fleece while the front has an additional layer of waterproof/windproof softshell.
    7. Designed and lovingly made in Canada.
    1. When used with a waterproof/windproof jacket, you’ll have complete protection against the elements.
    2. The combination of the polar fleece and soft-shell allows the cover to work as well on a mild day as in the middle of winter (coupled with a winter jacket of course!)
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BabyCover is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nice coverage

My baby is nicely covered. I am traveling to Calgary in a week and will see how well it protects my little one from the cold!

Overall Great!

I love that the cover scoops under my baby’s feet so they stay nice and cozy. The front clasps are really easy to use and it works with every single jacket! My only complaint is that the top clasps that connect to the carrier are really stiff and do not adjust, I wish they were more like the front clasps.

Great product

Super easy to use. In this picture, I am wearing it over my Ergo Baby carrier. Both mommy and baby stayed warm and toasty!

Tellement facile et rapide dutilisation autant pour maman que papa

Produit merveilleux!!!

pretty waterproof, fits well, clips snug and to carrier

Love it! Not sure why no one developed this earlier--like not having a zipper--I have used it with several coats--rain coat in pouring rain, warm jacket on a windy day-- and my husband and dad have used it too! Adaptable and flexible and mostly rainproof-- the alligator clips were confusing to do (without looking) at first, but once I figured them out they were easy. Love the elastic straps that can go around carrier straps-- I find I can just leave the cover attached in the winter and pull them on together for an easy way to get ready to go (as its always either cold or rainy these days. Can also use it as an extra layer that way too if I don't have a jacket. Love also if I use it with a jacket and then go indoors with a sleeping baby--I can take my jacket off easily!!