PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis
PremierSki - Stroller Skis

PremierSki - Stroller Skis

Sale price$79.99 CAD

Glide through winter.

  • IMPROVED Design for 2023.
  • Skis attach to most strollers with spoked wheels.
  • Adjustable for wheels up to 16".
  • Lovingly made in Canada.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic.
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Turn your stroller into a sled and glide through winter.

Attach the skis to your stroller and glide through winter. A simple tool-free adjustment allows the skis to attach to just about any stroller wheels available on the market. The skis cut easily through snow and smooth out the ride over uneven terrain. Well-designed and made in Canada, your child is comfortably and securely seated in their own stroller; no worries about your baby falling out of a small sled or getting snow in their face.

Your child can enjoy looking at the scenery as they slide along in the stroller and not just a view of your behind like when you pull a sled.

Parents enjoy all the advantages of their regular stroller, especially the ergonomics; no more backache from pulling a sled.

Excellent for winter strolls, snowshoeing on groomed trails and cutting through snowy sidewalks.

  • Fits all single or double wheels from 4" (100mm) up to 16" (406mm), and up to 2"(50mm) wide.
  • Wheels must have spokes (to allow for straps to pass through).
  • Tool-free assembly and size adjustment for different sizes of wheels.
  • Fully integrated strap.
  • Highly engineered ski shape (based on our favourite snowboard shapes!).
  • Balanced shape that does not require front 360 swivel wheels to be locked. Skis will point in whichever direction you want to go.
  • Dimensions are:
    • 17.5" long
    • 5.25" wide
  • Available in packs of 3 or 4 skis for 3-wheel and 4-wheel strollers.
  • Made in Canada from 100% recycled plastic. Zero metal.

Not recommended for use in deep snow, off-roading. Not recommended on downhill ski slopes. Not suitable for strollers equipped with certain mud-guards. Ski's do not come equipped with brakes. Only use skis on flat terrain. Good judgement by the user is required. Your child's safety is your responsibility.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing customer service!!!

Brenda Simmons
Skis for dog stroller

These skis work beautifully here in Anchorage. I’m able to get my dachshund out even if it is extremely cold.

Brynn Hrysch
Only works on ice/compacted hard snow.

Unfortunately these did not live up to my hopes. In fresh snow they are almost useless, it was easier for me to push the stroller in the snow without the skis. They do work on icy/hard compacted snow surfaces like roads and trails but then, even regular stroller wheels would work fine on these surfaces too. I suppose if you frequently walk your stroller on the surfaces mentioned above and wanted to help preserve your stroller wheels, these might be handy but otherwise I wouldn't waste your money.

Perfect for 4-wheel walker and wheelchair!

I live in Alaska and work with kids with disabilities, and have been searching for a piece of equipment to help my students access the playground with their adaptive equipment (walkers/gait trainers/wheelchairs) in the winter. These skis worked so well with a 4-wheel walker, as well as on the front casters of wheelchairs! I was so happy to see my students accessing the playground independently!

They are easy enough to add to the equipment that it doesn't feel like too much of a hassle putting them on to go outside, and then taking them off to come inside. I have been telling all the PTs I work with about these, as well as recommending them to families. Living in a snowy climate is challenging enough, and then adding a wheelchair or walker in just creates a whole new layer. These are an awesome option for kids/adults who need assistive mobility devices and want to be able to get outside in the winter.

Aline Collin
Fantastic skis!

There is too much snow where I live, the sidewalks aren't cleared off (just packed down by feet), so the stroller ride becomes too bumpy.
These skis have made our walk so much better. It's been really fun to easily glide through.
They were very easy to install as well.
I have no regrets! I can't believe we had never seen these before.

Les skis sont vraiment super, ils permettent une glisse facile sur des chemins pleins de bosses et de troux.
On les adore. En plus, ils sont rapides et faciles a attacher.