Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender
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Universal Jacket Extender
Universal Jacket Extender

Universal Jacket Extender

Regular price$134.99 CAD

Expand the jackets you love. Share them with your belly and baby.

  • Patented slide-on universal zip-adapter.
  • Adjustable PFAS-free softshell extender.
  • Removable fleece layer.
  • For maternity and babywearing.
  • Wind, rain, and snow resistant.
  • Lovingly made in Canada from premium materials.
  • Certain Metaluxe adapters now available. See tab below for details.

Metaluxe is the only zip style that does not work directly with the Universal Adapter. See further down on how to identify a Metaluxe zip.


Exceptionally, for Metaluxe zips made by the brand "YKK", we are able to provide additional adapters that would work with our universal extender.

If you think your zip is Metaluxe or are unsure, please email us with the following information: 

  • A clear photo of your zip, including the slider or sliders (if there are more than one).
  • Length of zip
  • Letters / numbers on the back of the slider(s)

With the above information, we will be able to advise you if an adapter is available and how to include it with your order for a Universal Jacket Extender. 

Identifying Metaluxe Zippers - It's the SHAPE

Zip up your jacket. Look at the shape on the outside of your jacket. Compare it to the unique tooth shape in the photos below. This shape is what Metaluxe looks like and how we identify it. Contact us if you're not sure.

Examples of metaluxe zips and rudsak zip

The color can be silvergold or another darker color. The material is plastic however is designed to look like metal. 

Some brands that may use Metaluxe zippers include:

  • Rudsak
  • Mackage
  • O’Neil (certain models only)
  • Columbia (certain models only)
  • Free Shipping - CAN/US

Guaranteed to fit your belly and baby.

The Universal Jacket Extender is a softshell extender that expands the front of your own jacket during pregnancy. While baby-carrying with a soft-structured front-carrier, wrap or sling, the extender expands your jacket around you and your baby, for close comfort and warmth while outdoors.

The unique design slides over and secures onto most brands and sizes of zippers allowing you to switch between jackets with ease. For different-length jackets, simply reposition the extender for ideal coverage or fold the top down on shorter jackets. The Universal Adapter can also be used without the extender during early pregnancy and post-partum where just a few extra inches are needed.

  • Designed to slide onto most zips, brands and types of jackets (rain, down, parka, long and short jackets).
  • Long pull-tabs and high quality zips make zipping easier.
  • Plastic snaps and elastic strip to control the width for a better fit. Snaps also help with shortening the top on short jackets and while baby-carrying.
  • Snap-on fleece panel for an extra layer of warmth (included). Simply remove for milder days.
  • Universal Adapter includes stop-system to make sure it stays in place on your zip and prevent any sliding.
  • Black, 27" (70cm) long, one-size fits most. 12" (30cm) wide at it's widest and tapering down to 7" (17cm) at the base.
  • Adjustable down to 24" (60cm) for shorter jackets and can be repositioned higher up on longer jackets.
  • Made from high quality softshell, polar fleece, zips and proprietary clips.
  • Softshell is 3-layer with a micro-fleece lining (98% polyester, 2% Spandex), waterproof and breathable membrane and outer shell with a PFAS-free durable water-repellency coating (DWR).
  • Wash Instructions: Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do not dry clean.
  • Lovingly made in Montreal, Canada. Made in Canada

Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The Universal Jacket Extender is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 557 reviews
Works great!

This has saved me from needing to buy new winter jackets during a cold-weather pregnancy. It only takes a minute to switch between coats, and so far works on all my zippers. The material and zipper feel very sturdy, I'm sure I'll be able to use it again or pass it on.

Mélodie Leblanc
Ce qu'il me fallait !

J'utilise actuellement les deux adapteurs sans la partie centrale en debut de grossesse. Il me donne exactement ce qu'il me manquait pour fermer mon manteau. En plus, il s'adapte à tous mes manteaux sans avoir à acheter d'adapteurs supplémentaires. J'ai fais le bon choix

Joanna Baird
Great Product

This has been so helpful. I can rest assured that I can use whatever jacket I want. Transfers from one jacket to another pretty easily (wouldn't want to do it every day, but only takes about 5 minutes)

Does the trick

This allows me to zip up my down jacket over my belly, so it does what it says on the can! So far all I need are the two zipper extender attachments, and plan to save the inner panel for babywearing next winter. My main complaint with it is that the extender slides down my jacket's zipper easily, even with both of the securing clips on both sides of the extender, and I find that I need to adjust it once in a while, or even re-thread the clips onto the zipper when it gets pulled down. I have an Arcteryx Cerium LT. The extender is also just an inch too long for the jacket - it's not quite enough extra length to actually fold over as suggested. I just leave a little tail hanging off the bottom of my jacket. Also, the zipper pull side of my jacket has a little fabric cap on the upper end of the zipper that prevents me from pulling the extender on from the top as suggested - so the zipper pull of my jacket is in my face. Not really the fault of the MMBF, but a bit of a bother that it doesn't work as seamlessly as I hoped.

Lauren D

Thankful for a bump extender that keeps me warm with my favorite jackets. Easy to use and very practical. Definitely better than a maternity jacket.