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A BellyFit Is Born

Montreal, Winter, 2010. It all started with the expanding bump that was our first child. If you've never been to Montreal in winter, believe me when I say: It. Gets. Cold.

My lovely wife was growing bigger by the day and was soon stealing my large puffy jacket every time we ventured out. I had resigned myself to having lost my favourite jacket for the winter...

From our FOUNDER

Unveiling the Heartwarming Story Behind MakeMyBellyFit!

And then a light bulb went on: there must be something out there that just zips in to expand one's existing jacket! We searched around, and when we couldn't find one, I resolved to make our own zip-in panel for the front of my wife's jacket.

After a simple, practical BellyFit started to take shape, we started thinking about offering our design to other soon-to-be parents. But holy-moley zips are complicated, and it took us a lot of research, trial and error, samples and prototypes to figure them out; but then we had the motivation of our own growing bumps to keep us going. We launched MakeMyBellyFit in 2012.

Through the blessing of our healthy first, a bunch of hard work, the blessing of our second, and some more hard work, we continue to develop and grow MakeMyBellyFit. Our goal is to help every soon-to-be mommy look and feel great in her own jacket (and to help daddy get his back too!)

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Creator, Husband and Father of Four

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