Universal Jacket Extender

    1. Includes our award-winning BellyFit Jacket Extender and our patent-pending Universal Adapter.
    2. For Maternity and Baby-Carrying.
    3. Fits ALL zips (Patent Pending). Watch a DETAILED DEMO here.
    4. The BellyFit is a zip-in softshell extender that expands the front of your own jacket during pregnancy. No need to buy a maternity jacket or borrow a XXXL. Feel good in your own jacket!
    5. While baby-carrying with a soft-structured front-carrier, wrap or sling, the Bellyfit extends your jacket around you and your baby, for close comfort and warmth while outdoors.
    6. The Universal Adapter allows you to attach your BellyFit to ANY jacket. The unique design slides over and secures onto any brand or size of zip. For different length jackets, you simply need to reposition it in order to get your ideal coverage. The Universal Adapter can also be used on its own during early pregnancy and post-partum where just a few extra inches are needed.
    1. Designed to work with ANY zip. Watch demo here.
    2. Wind, rain and snow resistant, ready for fall, winter and spring.
    3. "Snaperoo" adjustable elastic that can be snapped anywhere on the BellyFit for a more custom fit.
    4. Optional snap-on fleece panel for an extra layer of warmth (sold separately).
    5. 27" (70cm) long, one-size fits most.
    6. Designed and lovingly made in Canada.
    7. Made from buttery-soft Softshell for comfortable protection against the elements.
    8. Long pull-tabs on all zips to make zipping easier.
    9. Plastic snaps at the top of the BellyFit allow for easier folding down and securing in place on shorter jackets and while baby-carrying.
    10. Plastic snap at the bottom of the BellyFit for even better adjustments.
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great Product- See review

I purchased this product and have now used it in my regular winter jacket and my long northface style jacket. It is incredibly easy and fast to transition from one to another. I love it! I live in Wisconsin so the weather here is cold. I would say that the insert is not the most weather friendly in this climate as there tends to be a small draft but it is bearable. I am 7.5 months pregnant with baby #2 and I am 5'2, usually petite. This baby sits way out front and low so this jacket extender has been a lifesaver.
I did wash it while it was zipped onto one of my jacket as my 2.5 year old threw up all over the front of me one day and I didn't want to unzip the mess and get anything stuck where it would stink (sorry TMI). It went through the wash zipped right on my coat with no issues and came out perfectly intact, no issues. I do have problems with the zippers coming up a little bit at the bottom of the coat but I have not tried placing the clips they sent with the extender on the bottom to stop this from happening so, my own fault. Overall, I am SUPER happy with the purchase. I will be able to test the ability to baby wear with it in about 2 months so I can let you know then how easy it is to do. Right now I would recommend the extender to any momma.


Just received my new make my belly fit extension (with universal zipper). I am amazed on how simple it is to adjust, put on different coats and adapt to their sizes. Fit is great, i had no issues to put it on and it stays in put.
Quality is great and I can't wait to wrap baby in my coat for long walks in a few weeks. Thanks for this great innovation.

What a great add-on for my pregnancy

I am pregnant and my due date is in December. And because of that my normal jackets are not fitting anymore. This extension showed to be very useful and adaptable to various coats that I have. It is indeed a great accessorie for any pregnant woman during the winter. I totally recommend it to every pregnant woman.

Not perfect for a long coat

The clips that attach the extender to the coat (including the small plastic clips that attach at the top, bottom or side of the coat/extender) do not fully hold the extender in place, particularly when moving a lot like getting in and out of a car or bending and carrying things. This means the extender slips down or bunches in places, which is not an ideal fit.

Works perfectly!

The adapter fit over my coat's massive zipper and the extender has been great! It's waterproof and keeps my baby warm.