MakeMyBellyFit makes a deal with dragon Manjit Minhas

In early 2015, we drove to Toronto and headed to the CBC Studios.  Excitement, anxiousness and nervousness were the feelings that accompanied us along the way.  When we got to the studios, our cameras were out and ready to capture this unique & special moment: we were actually going to be pitching to the “Dragons” and be part of the whole Dragon’s Den experience!

 We knew, that what would occur in the following hours could potentially be life-changing.  Or at the very least make for an unforgettable story to share.  Unpacking our products and preparing ourselves for the pitch seemed at times surreal and yet very normal.  Entering the studio garage doors, with our hearts in our mouth and butterflies in our tummies, we took a deep breath and walked into the Den.

CBC Dragons Den Canada pitch - Make my BellyFit ; A jacket extender eliminates pregnancy clothing jackets during maternity & baby carrier stages
No more Maternity coats. With Make my BellyFit you can extend your own jacket. Baby carriers will also fit in. Product seen on CBC Dragons Den, with mentor Manjit Minhas
"I think the best part of the preparation routine was when we got to tour inside the Dragon’s Den studio and realize that it was just a room: much smaller than in the show, and definitely much less least without the Dragons anyway." 

The first couple of minutes were the most nerve-wracking and then, it just seemed like we were simply talking to people and telling them about our amazing product.  Goodbye butterflies and tingles and hello calmness and enjoyment of this incredible moment and opportunity :)

Jacket extender for your coats during pregnancy and baby carrier stages - Make my bellyfit (As seen on Dragons Den, with mentor Manjit Minhas) Manjit Minhas dragons' den cbc canada with Make My Bellyfit. Jacket extender for maternity wear As seen on CBC Dragons Den : Make my Bellyfit partners with Manjit Minhas.
"While it was an awesome sense of accomplishment, that "handshake on air" was only the beginning. It has been a pleasure working with Manjit's team since and getting the support needed to take our "small" business to a new level. We're looking forward to all the exciting opportunities ahead! "