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Product reviews from our wonderful customers - jacket extenders, carrier-covers and skis for strollers.
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Great purchase!

The universal extender is a game changer. Having a baby with colic, I struggled to keep him lying down in the pram for long spells of time, so using the carrier was the best option for me. The jacket extender means I can take out my baby in any weather and I know he’s comfortable and safe. It also means I’m warm too! Such a great product and really easy to use.

Best purchase ever!

I've been one of the majority who have gained some weight over the pandemic years. My coat became very snug, barely able to close. I had debated to get a new coat, but I really love my Canada Goose which I had invested in nearly 10 years ago. Lo and behold! I came upon the adapter panel from Make My Belly Fit. It gave me a couple of extra inches to allow my coat to fully zip up! It's surprisingly easy to attach too. I have been recommending this to many others whose coats have too become snug. Thank you for this!

Versatile and high quality

This is a phenomenal product. It is just as advertised. Easy to use, versatile for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, warm for a baby (even a newborn in Wisconsin), and overall high quality. I accidentally ordered two and almost returned one, but after using mine realized what an asset it was, so gave the second one to a pregnant friend. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Test run

Did a quick test run with the ski’s went for a walk in all kind of snow. Flat is best. Hit some chunky wind carved old patches and they are not meant for that. But if I can keep the skis on flat snow they work out perfectly. Also I love how I got one extra Velcro strap. Idk if it is meant for this but I lock the front wheel so it will not spin. That helps too when we reach bumpy snow. I love this product as I do not have thousands of dollars to put down on a chariot. Great product!

BellyFit® Jacket Extender
Mallika Viswanath
Excellent, and so many compliments!

What a great invention, and incredible customer service! I got the standard jacket extender, even though my coat is slightly longer. I knew that in advance but decided not to get the adaptor. A scarf covers the gap really well, so it hasn't been a problem. I get so many compliments on it, with many people not even realizing that it's not part of my actual coat (even though my coat is maroon)! I'm not carrying very large, but still thankful for the extra space. Depending on the weather once my baby's born, I'm excited to use it while babywearing. Would 100% recommend. Thanks for the awesome invention (and amazing customer service), MakeMyBellyFit!

Universal Adapter
Raenu Sarathy


Love the extender

I finally caved and ordered the jacket extender with my second pregnancy being 5 months pregnant in the middle of a very cold Toronto winter. It was worth it as I'm a teacher and have to be outside everyday with the kids. No more struggling to fit into my jacket everyday. The extender is easy to use and works well. I can't wait to use it next winter when I wear baby around.


So in love with my stroller skis! It’s been so great to be able to get out with my little man this winter and not have it be a bumpy ride for him in the ruts of the snow! Shipped quickly and fit perfectly! Very impressed!

Great product

These skis worked great on a tandem wheel stroller. They were easy to put on and cut thru deep and light snow conditions. Very satisfied.

Zip Adapter
Katie Buchwald

Fits perfectly

Universal Jacket Extender

Best way to stay active in the winter!

I love these! I have a three-wheel BOB double jogger and the skis work great. It’s such a fun way to get outside with the kids in the wintertime. I get so many compliments whenever I use them! My order was missing a Velcro strap when it arrived and customer service was amazing and immediately sent me another strap.

Universal Jacket Extender
Marifé Blanchet

Universal Jacket Extender

Works perfectly

It zipped into my coat easily, and the snaps have been great for cinching. It's roomy enough to have a scarf tucked underneath on colder days. I look forward to trying it out while wearing the baby. There was a shipping delay and customer service was incredibly helpful sending a replacement quickly so I could use this during a frigid week. Highly recommend!

BellyFit® Jacket Extender
Dominique Lavigueur

Livraison très rapide et très satisfaite de mon achat

Love it!!!

Love it! Recommend it to everyone! Excellent service!

Universal Jacket Extender
Allison Gardner
Definitely worth it

The jacket extender works great to keep both me and my baby warm. I like that I can zip it all the way up to make a wind-break for her neck, or zip it down a bit to let her head poke out if we get too toasty. Living in the city in winter, it’s so much easier to wear her than to take her out in her stroller, and the jacket extender makes it possible. Definitely worth the cost!

PremierSki - Stroller Skis
Penelope Quirion

Je l’es adore !

Perfect except...

My extender is great except that I Said in an email to the company the lenght of my zipper and the extender isn't long enough for my winter coat so I was a little bit disappointed!

Universal extender is amazing

It does take some getting use to during the install but once you get the hang of it and put the stop clips in the system works really well. Since my due date is in late spring, I appreciate the fact that I can use this on several jackets until the weather warms up enough that I no longer need it. I also love that in the fall I can use it with my front baby carrier as a kangaroo pouch. Also customer service is great! My order came within a few days of purchase and when I misplaced my safety clips I asked customer service for more and they sent them to me right away. Thank you so much!

Sherpa Layer
Evie White
Love this Sherpa lining!

This lining was shipped and delivered very quickly. I love it! It’s super soft, plush and warm. Perfect for baby carrying in New England winters.

Great customer service

I am super happy with the MakeMyBellyFit universal adapter. I emailed to confirm a few things and was super impressed with the quick responses and fantastic customer service. Used the adapter this weekend on a hike and worked well! I would easily recommend this product to other parents!

A must have for winter pregnancies

This extender has been perfect for keeping my growing bump warm in my existing jacket this winter. A breeze to set up. I've had to use my coat belt above the bump for a tighter fit initially, but overall very happy with this purchase.

BellyFit® Jacket Extender

Zip Adapter
Charles Gibson
Saved my vest

This worked out. The one side zipped perfect and the other side I had to remove bottom pull and zipper stop then was able to zipp it up . Could not get the zipper stop back on so I sewed it together. If you could get this in different widths like 2”,3”,4” you could save a lot of costs and jackets. Thanks for your help.😎