Do I need an adapter to use the BellyFit Jacket Extender? Which one?

NOTE: The BellyFit is not the same as the extender that is included with the Universal Jacket Extender.

The results of the quiz below do not apply to the Universal Jacket Extender. 


So many zips! That's why we offer both Zip-Specific Adapters and a Universal Adapter (works with most zips regardless of brand, length, size or shape). The only zip not compatible with the Universal Adapter can be found here. The Universal Adapter allows you to attach the BellyFit Jacket Extender to MOST zips. In some cases the BellyFit may zip right into your jacket without the Universal Adapter or one of our Zip-specific Adapters. You can verify this first before buying:
Please use our selector below for an instant answer to find out if the BellyFit will zip into your jacket directly, if a Zip-specific Adapter is available or if the Universal Adapter will work for your zip. 
NOTE: The Universal Jacket Extender has a unique version of extender (not the same as the BellyFit). The answers to the quiz below do not apply to the extender included with the Universal Jacket Extender.
Additional Advice: Zip-specific Adapters Vs Universal Adapter. Which should I choose? The Universal Adapter is very convenient as it is one adapter that works with most zips. You may however only plan on using the BellyFit with one jacket so purchasing a Zip-specific Adapter is more cost-effective. If you needed 2 or more Zip-specific Adapters though, we'd recommend you consider the Universal Adapter.
If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, you can always click here to provide specific zip information and we will confirm via email.