Extra-Warmth Layer

  • IMPORTANT before buying:
    2018_2019 BellyFit required to use Warmth Layer. Not usable on its own. BellyFit sold separately.
    1. Optional accessory for 2018_2019 BellyFit. (Please contact us first if you have an older BellyFit model).
    2. Provides the BellyFit with an extra layer of warmth.
    3. 16oz Polartec fleece.
    4. Suitable for use on the BellyFit during maternity. Highly recommended while baby-carrying.
    5. Snaps allow the Warmth Layer to be easily added to or removed from your BellyFit.
    6. Made in Canada.
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit (sold separately) is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

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a combo for all your zip coats

Hi! I live in Spain and ordered a combo to fit all my zip coats : universal jacket extender + a warm sole. I use the set for my North Face jacket with a standard YKK zip and also my windbreaker with a less popular brand of a zip. On a sunny day I still fit into my windbreaker with the universal adapter (7 months) and on a colder day I use the standard extender on my North Face jacket so far (the universal jacket extender is standar jacket extender for your YKK zip+a universal zip adaptor). If all goes well, we may even go to the Pyrenees all three of us and the warm sole will be of use there. Very happy with the product. Makes my life easier and nerdier (can't stop showing people how cool it is!). I would hate looking for a coat to buy now. Later on it will be an excellent present for somebody else taking the turn of maternity. Best of luck to the team of "MakeMyBellyFit"!

Great product!

So glad I stumbled upon MakeMyBellyFit before searching out a maternity winter jacket. I had just bought a great jacket last year, and the extender plus extra-warmth liner are great! I just gree out of my jacket and started using the extender, and as the temperature drops I know the extra little bit of warmth from the liner will be appreciated. All pregnant ladies need to know about this company for the winters in Canada!!



Love it!

Love the xtra warmth


Thin layer