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Zip Adapter

  • IMPORTANT before buying:
    BellyFit required to use Zip Adaper. Not usable on its own. BellyFit sold separately.
    To find out which Zip Adapter your jacket might need, please use the "Which Adaptor?" selector by clicking here.
    1. Optional accessory for BellyFit.
    2. Use when the BellyFit doesn’t zip directly onto your jacket.
    3. Zip Adapters are black, low profile.
    4. Wide range available for the most popular types of jackets.
    5. Standard length is 70cm (27") suitable for jacket lengths of 60cm - 80cm (24" –31.9").
    6. Long-jacket adapter available for certain jackets from 32" up to 94cm (37").
    7. Made in Canada.
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit (sold separately) is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Overall very happy with this product!

Purchased the Belly Extender, the fleece liner, and the zip adapter for my wife. She has a Nobis parka. The adapter that was recommended to us fit onto the parka perfectly. Simple to assemble. Overall great product!

Works most of the time

The adapter works for the most part but sometimes the zipper sticks and the glide is not smooth when you put it on, but I guess once you put it on once you don't have to use the adapter zipper. Also, the adapter can't be used as a temporary extender by itself because for some reason the middle "normal" zipper doesn't fit together (even though they are compatible with the MakeMyBellyFit extender zipper).

Hi Lisa! Thanks for you review. Unfortunately the way our Zip Adapters are designed, they can't be used on their own without the BellyFit Jacket Extender in between. To do this would require a redesign of the BellyFit and how we manufacture it. We hope to one day make this possible. Thanks!

Zip Adapter

Wonderful & versatile!

With the V5 adapter, I am able to use the expander on my long down jacket - perfect for keeping us warm this winter! And it fits on several of my husband's coats, so no matter who's carrying the baby, we can all be warm! This makes so much more sense than just buying one really expensive maternity jacket.

Happy belly

Fits nice - keeps my belly warm