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Zip Adapter

  • IMPORTANT before buying:
    BellyFit required to use Zip Adaper. Not usable on its own. BellyFit sold separately.
    To find out which Zip Adapter your jacket might need, please use the "Which Adaptor?" selector by clicking here.
    1. Optional accessory for BellyFit.
    2. Use when the BellyFit doesn’t zip directly onto your jacket.
    3. Zip Adapters are black, low profile.
    4. Wide range available for the most popular types of jackets.
    5. Standard length is 70cm (27") suitable for jacket lengths of 60cm - 80cm (24" –31.9").
    6. Long-jacket adapter available for certain jackets from 32" up to 94cm (37").
    7. Made in Canada.
  • Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The BellyFit (sold separately) is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier. 

Customer Reviews

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Easy to select the right adapter

I used the online form to select the right adapter, and it was easy to follow, and the adapter works well for my coat. Fast shipping!

Service Heros

When I ordered a zipper adapter for a new jacket I bulldozed ahead without support. Yes, I ordered the wrong zipper. When I told customer service they blew me away with their response time and willingness to get this to work. They sent me the replacement zipper before I confirmed mailing back the wrong zipper. I used the insert all winter with the fleece addition and I will nownuse it with my rain jacket for spring.


Zip Adapter

Adapter is perfect!

So thankful I can use both of my coats now at 30 weeks pregnant! 👍🏼 This invention is brilliant. Arrived fast.

Works well

I ordered the M1 zip adapter as I already owned the Make My Belly Fit panel and had used it without any adapter for a different jacket, but needed an adapter with my new coat and didn't want to get the universal adaptor. It works well, I haven't had any trouble with it, and provides an extra bit of space for my growing baby inside my jacket. Arrived fast and in good condition.