BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender
BellyFit® Jacket Extender

BellyFit® Jacket Extender

Regular price$74.99 CAD

Expand the jacket you love. Share it with your belly and baby.

  • Our classic zip-in panel.
  • Adjustable softshell extender.
  • For maternity and babywearing.
  • Wind, rain, and snow resistant.
  • Lovingly made in Canada from premium materials.
  • Zip Adapters for many common zipper types available.

Please use the Zipper Check to see if the Classic BellyFit Jacket Extender will work with your jacket or if an additional adapter is required (sold separately).

  • Free Shipping - CAN/US

Our classic BellyFit Jacket Extender is a cost-effective option for specific zipper types.

Our Classic BellyFit is a zip-in softshell extender that expands the front of your own jacket during pregnancy. While baby-carrying with a soft-structured front-carrier, wrap, or sling, the extender expands your jacket around you and your baby, for close comfort and warmth while outdoors.

The Classic extender is designed to work with a specific type of zipper. Your jacket might require a Zip Adapter to use the BellyFit. To find out if the BellyFit will zip right in or if you will need a Zip Adapter, please use our "Zipper Check".

Alternatively, shop our best-selling Universal Jacket Extender.

  • Designed to work with a specific type of zip. An additional Zip Adapter (sold separately) may be required to use this extender with your jacket. Check your jacket's compatibility here.
  • Wind, rain and snow resistant, ready for fall, winter and spring.
  • Long pull-tabs on all zips to make zipping easier.
  • Plastic snaps and elastic strip to control the width for a better fit. Snaps also help with shortening the top on short jackets and while baby-carrying.
  • Optional snap-on fleece or sherpa layers for an extra layer of warmth (sold separately).
  • 27" (70cm) long, one-size fits most. 10" (25cm) wide at it's widest and tapering down to 5" (13cm) at the base.
  • Made from high quality softshell and YKK zips.
  • Softshell is 3-layer with a micro-fleece lining (98% polyester, 2% Spandex), waterproof and breathable membrane and outer shell with a durable water-repellency coating (DWR).
  • Wash Instructions: Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Hang to dry.
  • Lovingly made in Montreal, Canada. Made in Canada
Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. Always monitor your baby or child to ensure adequate ventilation and warmth. The classic BellyFit Jacket Extender is NOT a baby-carrier. Always follow the safety instructions of your baby-carrier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1247 reviews
Emma T
Works great!

Easy to use and my coats are a lot more comfortable now!


It fit well into my winter jacket. The snaps help customize the size better but usually pop open when I zip my jacket up. The zipper side was trickier to attach to my jacket, so that’s the side I leave done up.

It’s nice to be able to wear my own jacket without having to get a new one. As I’ve read in other reviews, the fabric is not as warm as my actual jacket - but since I’m a furnace right now, it’s actually quite nice.

Mallika Viswanath
Excellent, and so many compliments!

What a great invention, and incredible customer service! I got the standard jacket extender, even though my coat is slightly longer. I knew that in advance but decided not to get the adaptor. A scarf covers the gap really well, so it hasn't been a problem. I get so many compliments on it, with many people not even realizing that it's not part of my actual coat (even though my coat is maroon)! I'm not carrying very large, but still thankful for the extra space. Depending on the weather once my baby's born, I'm excited to use it while babywearing. Would 100% recommend. Thanks for the awesome invention (and amazing customer service), MakeMyBellyFit!

Dominique Lavigueur

Livraison très rapide et très satisfaite de mon achat

Hannah Paveck

BellyFit® Jacket Extender